"True change is within. Leave the outside as it is."

Posted on March 20 2020

At a time like this, when there are so much uncertainties and anxiety, I would like to share what I have found truly helpful to maintain a positive mindset. Here are the 5 ideas for bringing positivity to your life: 

1. Say Thank You
I would say being grateful is the number 1 positivity booster of all. Let me share a little personal anecdote. During a 5k run, at some point the feeling of fatigue would kick in and I would want to give up, but I have found a "trick" that when I repeatedly say "thank you" in my mind, to having legs that can run, having a nearby track to run on, and all the runners there to inspire me to keep going, all the energy came right back. Sometimes when you do part of the work, you can let grace guide you with the rest. 

2. Broaden your horizon with Great Books
At this information age, there are so much info that are bad or at their best, useless. Rather than filling your already crowded mind with confusing information, why not fulfil your curiosity by learning a new subject or further educate yourself on your own profession? On my next newsletter, I will begin to introduce some of my current favourites. 

3. Untangle your thoughts by Journaling
Since childhood, I always love writing. In many interviews that I have done for S.Nine, I have always mentioned that if I weren't in the fashion business, I would be a writer (That was actually my first career dream). I have stopped writing for years and now that I have started to write again, I suddenly remember how therapeutic writing is. Just let your stream of thoughts materialise as ink slides freely on the paper. 

4. Strengthen your body with Exercise
In the past, I always tell myself I have no time to even brush my hair in the morning when battling with deadlines and constantly overcommitting. And since will power is like a limited battery, when I have used most of it for disciplining myself in my work, I found myself left with so little will power left to exercise. However, I have accumulated enough factual data from all these years that exercising is perhaps the single most important thing - the ONE THING that actually improves all the other things that I do and wants to accomplish by a whole lot. An investment that always brings you profit, how can you let it slip? 

5. Bring mindfulness by Meditation
I used to find this idea a bit silly - sitting in silence, leg crossed, eyes closed, and try to stop my crazy thoughts as I find peace. That was my previous perception of meditation. But during a period of very hard time, I have forced myself to follow through with guided meditation. I was glad to begin with an app called 10% Happier, which was founded by a non-believer and skeptic Dan Harris. Listening to his journey of finding out what meditation and mindfulness really is and coming to an understanding that it is not about shutting down your "monkey thoughts" (a metaphor for the mind going all over the place), but to accept, recognise and let be. Catching yourself thinking negative thoughts without blaming, but simply acknowledge it and let it go. Like exercise, I believe that this is something that always brings net positive in your life.  

I hope this has been a helpful read for you. I am grateful to  have this platform to share and hopefully inspire some new ways to bring positivities and light. 

Meanwhile, keep safe, stay healthy and have a wonderful weekend ahead! 

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