My Letter to the S.Nine Women | Currently Obsession: Effortless Tops 💜

Posted on March 10 2020

Happy IWD 2020 (International Women's Day)! This past month has been about learning and adapting new ways to collaborate, manage and learn virtually. On collaboration, I have been using the Tencent Virtual Meeting app (腾讯会议) everyday to chat with my sample room team in Zhongshan. On learning I have been using the MasterClass app, discovering how to cook with Gordon Ramsay to learning the art of negotiation with Chris Voss. Managing our own time when there is no supervision nor absolute deadline (often the case with entrepreneurs) takes a lot of discipline and constant reminders. Set yourself up for success by deleting distractions such as games on your phone and locking up the remote for netflix until the weekend. Make time for 20 mins of exercise every morning (or whenever is best for your lifestyle). Read a few pages of a book before bedtime instead of checking your phone. It won't be easy to make it a habit but do remind yourself to go back to good habits when you caught yourself slacking behind every now and then. 

Back to the "Current Obsession" topic - I have found myself always searching for the easy to wear yet sleek top that makes me feel ready for work and energetic. Nowadays, you might even pass with wearing super casual pants or even PJ underneath as you will only be seen waist up on the screen. 

And to celebrate ourselves during the month of March, all purchase online will be 20% off with the discount code "SNINEIWD202020" upon checkout. 

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