Top 5 Best of Promo and Wellness Ideas

Posted on August 27 2020

Ever since I published my first article in 2020 about rethinking my work and purpose for S.Nine, which was pre-covid time, I kept thinking how incredible that the path I have chosen have became something that the whole fashion industry is now pondering on. To make growth less important in quantity; to serve customers and get to know each of them personally; to design for longevity and seasonless; to replace fast and instant gratification mindset for consuming with pre-ordering tailored pieces that will be loved and treasured for a long time. 

My other ambition for S.Nine is to share and to organically grow a wellness community. I have been pondering about the big "What if" - "What if I could find a way to connect the dot between fashion business, creativity, environmental consciousness and woman empowerment?" Will you join me?

Now comes the main topic of this newsletter - below are the Top 5 Items I have hand-picked for a special promotion from now till Sept 10th, along with Top 5 Wellness Ideas to share with you. 

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