Daring Greatly | September Specials

Posted on September 08 2020

September is a special month for S.Nine. The "Nine" represent my birth month, and it is a month that marks the transition of summer to autumn, which also happens to be my favorite season. When the weather is milder, and all the nature's blooming and striving turn into a gentle rest, thus a wonderful time for preservation, reflection and mindfulness. 

So what does it mean by daring greatly to you, and when was the last time you have dared greatly? I think of my S.Nine Woman, which would be some of you who are still patiently reading this newsletter up till now - you are someone who is kind-hearted, intelligent, fun-loving and dedicated to what you do. But when it comes to vulnerability and shame, I have also seen the same amazing and smart woman who would make harsh criticism on their body image. I have witnessed many beautiful women who would look at the mirror only to frantically search for flaws. And let's be frank, we all do it in different degrees. But why don't we all dare greatly - to be more gentle with our body, and start finding the true beauty that is us. While many of my clients have thanked me for creating pieces that made them feel extra confident and beautiful, I also want to let them know how honored I am to see my creations taking part in their important meetings, events, and memories. I am also daring greatly by sharing this to you, showing what I care about and continue to nurture a community with love and support. And if you haven't read the book "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown (which is the inspiration of this newsletter), I would highly suggest you read or listen to it. 

And to this theme, I have made a curation this week for our special promotion inspired by welcoming autumn and embracing the body consciousness. 









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