How to Start Anew? Dress for...What Now?

Posted on August 06 2020

Now, after a short hiatus, I came up with the first topic in my mind - “How to start Anew.” The pandemic has thrown us a curve ball so curvy that none of us could properly adjust to it. It has brought out the best and the worst of us in each and every way that can be reflected in the current politics, economic issues and social distancing. At first we thought it would last just briefly, and then we start to realise that life - as we know it, will never be the same. Take all the time you need to lament and heal through these sudden changes, as it is truly needed to acknowledge and to accept before starting anew. 


Starting anew to me, means to begin the conversation. I begin the conversation through S.Nine, with a platform full of incredible women (and men too) that are going through tremendous changes as we speak. I believe that each of us play a role in this lifetime, to create a new and better way of life through our experiences. And at a time that is so uncertain (meaning that the old ways won’t apply), we now have the power and responsibility to present our own unique perspective to the world. 


For S.Nine, our question now is: “What are we dressing for now?” What we choose to wear can reflect our mood and even influence others, that’s why often times we dress to impress or dress for the occasion. With the current social distancing, there is seemingly no one to “impress” and no occasion to dress for, so the question is - what should we be wearing now? My believe is that putting on a piece of clothing is like a ritual, it’s like planting an idea for a certain mood we would like to be in. That reminds me of a script from Patch Adams:

"So, why do you wanna be a doctor? 

I want to help.

I want to connect with people. A doctor interacts with people at their most vulnerable. He offers treatment, but he also offers counsel and hope. That's why I love the idea of being a doctor. I've always been fascinated by the development of the human mind.

Ah. Pumping neurons.

We start out so open and spontaneous.

We're real individuals. Then somewhere along the way we're drawn to conform.

It's as if we're conditioned by programmed responses. - Well, that's true.

But sometimes you can alter the programmed response…just by changing some of the conditions, altering the parameters."


Now, why don’t we try some experiments I have put out for you below. Let me know what you think and I look forward to hear from you.

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