Pieces that help you bounce back from a pause

Posted on April 02 2020

After what feels like a hundred weeks, and from trying to fill our usual productive time with lots of learning, cooking, binge watching netflix, trying out at home exercises, helping out with virtual school and planning kids activities...etc. It has come to a point where what used to be typical fun weekend activities now makes you feel trapped (i.e. watching too much tv drama while eating food delivery might leave you feeling a bit rotten), and what you have always wanted less of you now actually desire (i.e. get back to the office and have some office gossips or get properly dressed up to join a social event, etc). So the point is, we all need to fine tune to adapt and counterbalance during this time of change. 

New Design On our E-Shop!

The latest collection is online! Here I have highlighted some of the pieces for different occasions, perhaps that gives you some inspiration for your first #SNineHomeFitting service!

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