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Posted on October 20 2020

Have you checked in on your own well-being lately? Living in a high stress environment often makes us feel as if we could never finish our long list of "to-dos", let alone finding precious time for ourselves. Thus, we all need a bit of "SPT", a.k.a. Scheduled Personal/Precious Time. 

We welcome you to experience our bespoke personal/private small group SPT to immerse in a the joy of dressing, styling in a serene setting with champagne and Hors d'oeuvres. Book your PST 

Check out what I have recommended as my current obsession, as well as the hot new local wellness startup that I found helpful and insightful for all the women out there.

The beauty of a high quality rib-knit top is that it gives a maximum comfort with ease of movement while visually flattering with its unique texture. At S.Nine we are in love with the beautiful material. Explore our range from shimmering rib-knit in the off-shoulder numbers to the wide rib-knit wrapped effect designs. 

A. Drew Off-Shoulder Long Sleeves Top in White Shimmer
B. Drew Off-Shoulder Sleeveless Top in Gold Shimmer
C. Serra Rib-Knit Top in Dark Brown
D. Serra Rib-Knit Top in Grey
E. Calypso Rib-Knit Top in Peach
F. Cara Top in White 

*Customised version with color options are available by request

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