Starting the year with Intentions | S.Nine CNY Edition

Posted on January 13 2021

Intention over Attention
One of the biggest mistake I have made through the years was over-commitment. Signing myself up for many things and saying yes to all the opportunities arises usually end up not doing anything well, and eventually lead to a burn out state.

Another daily practice that have proven to be a disaster is the "to-do-list". Once you start writing them you find yourself an endless list of things you need to do, should do, or want to do. No matter how reasonable or realistic you try to be while making that list, you often realise it is impossible to "check-all" at the end of the day. 

The one thing that we have been given equally in life is the hours of the day we have each day. And like an engine, we only have a certain amount of energy and focus throughout the day to do our best work. So the best way to really decide how you live this day, this month, or this year, is to set your intention. 

Setting Intention
And you ask - how does it differ from making yet another "to-do-list"? Before you start putting "My intention is finishing one book a week", "I intend to exercise 5 days a week", "I intend to spend more time with my kids"...etc., begin with asking yourself in a deeper place of your heart, why do you want to do these things? Maybe you want to read a book a week because you want to start nourishing your mind with great knowledge, instead of filling junks and melodrama from news and social media. And you want to stay healthy, feel the energy and look your best when you think of making exercise a priority in your daily life. Also, you want to create beautiful memories with your kids and enjoy the moments by simply being together with them. When you look deeper, it is easy to find your true intentions.

Accountability and Staying Motivated
Even true intentions could be distracted from all the responsibilities you have in your daily life. And as in life, there are always many changes and challenges that will come your way. There are a few ways I find helpful to center yourself back to your intentions:
  1. Find like-minded friends and individuals that could be your accountability buddy, do regular calls or messages to check-in on each other and to ground each other.
  2. Meditation is one of the best tool (and I would like to discuss this topic further on my upcoming newsletter) to help with staying grounded and keeping your focus. Even just counting 10 deep breaths for three times would be greatly beneficial.
  3. Put a piece of reminder on your desk, your wall, or anywhere that is visible to you (could also be on your phone) It can be an image, your list of intention in simple words, or an object that can instantly remind you of your intentions and ground your spirit. 

Some of my favorite Intentions
  1. Improving Fitness and Health 
  2. Enjoying a great sense of Abundance
  3. Staying Positively Connected to my Community
  4. Being a Conscious Global Citizen
  5. Living in the Present

What are some of your favorite ones? Be gentle with yourself, and start anywhere you can. Let's live the best year together!

S.Nine CNY Edition
Here I would like to introduce some of the pieces that inspire Abundance, Wellness, Positivities, Connectivity and Peace.

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